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Arrive on the Upper West Side—unless, of course, you happen to be staying there

New York City is an exceedingly family-friendly place, where you can tailor nearly any experience to your clan’s needs. That includes a visit to the American Museum of Natural History, an attraction on many itineraries. It’s the kind of place you could get lost in, moving from hall to hall to examine fossils from 100 million years ago, high-tech displays in the planetarium and almost every type of specimen found in biology—the collection is said to have 3.5 million examples of moths and butterflies alone.
纽约市是一个非常适合家庭居住的地方,在这里你可以根据你的家庭需求来进行任何体验。其中包括参观美国自然历史博物馆(American Museum of Natural History),这是许多行程中的一个魅力点。它是那种可能会让你迷失的地方,从一个大厅到另一个大厅来查验1亿年前的化石,天文馆里的高科技展品,以及几乎每一种生物学中发现的标本 - 据说,这个收藏品中仅蛾子和蝴蝶的数量就有350万。
Early to mid-morning
Arrive on the Upper West Side—unless, of course, you happen to be staying there. The closest subways to the museum are the B and C lines, which stop at 81st St-American Museum of Natural History, and the 1 train to 79th St. If you need a little sustenance, you might pick up some bagel sandwiches at Zabar’s Café (provisions at the adjacentproper store would also work) or coffee and pastries at Parliament, a café located off the lobby of the New-York Historical Society. Sections of Theodore Roosevelt Park, which surrounds the museum, are open seasonally and make a fine place to enjoy your meal; otherwise, there are plenty of park benches as well as Central Park right across the street.
到达上西区 - 当然,除非你碰巧住在那里。 离博物馆最近的是地铁B线和C线,它们会停在第81届圣美国自然历史博物馆,以及1号线到第79街。如果你需要一点食物,你可以去Zabar 的咖啡馆吃一些百吉饼三明治(相邻商店也可以),咖啡和在Parliament的糕点,Parliament是一个位于纽约历史协会大堂的咖啡馆。环绕博物馆的西奥多·罗斯福公园( Theodore Roosevelt Park) 部分区域是季节性开放的,是享用美食的好地方。除此之外,街对面还有很多公园长椅和中央公园。
The museum opens. It’s time to start your tour. Here are a few suggestions of what to see:
博物馆开放。是时候开始你的旅行了。 以下是一些建议:
The Dinosaur Wing
The two halls here are popular—very popular. Head up to the top floor and see them before the daily rush begins in earnest. There’s a 122-foot titanosaur, a dinosaur mummy and lots of fossilized bones and skulls, just the kinds of ancient artifacts most kids love.
这里的两个大厅是非常受欢迎的。 在每天繁忙的工作开始之前,到顶层看看他们。 这里有 一款122英尺的泰坦巨龙,一具恐龙木乃伊和大量的化石骨头和头骨,这些都是很多孩子都喜欢的古代工艺品。
Hall of Biodiversity
The centerpiece here is a walk-through of a recreated rainforest, but the riot of specimens on the Spectrum of Life walls is also pretty impressive.
Akeley Hall of African Mammals
You’re not getting out of here without seeing some classic dioramas of taxidermied creatures. This bi-level section holds the cream of the crop, with a mass of charging elephants at its core.
你离开之前一定要看看这里一些经典的动物标本。 这个两层区域是最精华的地方,其核心是一群猛冲的大象。
Milstein Hall of Ocean Life
Hanging from the ceiling of this two-floor exhibition is the model of a giant blue whale—some 94 feet and 21,000 pounds of fiberglass and foam. Interested in how it stays up there? We thought so, and we think your kids will be too. 
在这个两层楼的展览中,天花板上悬挂着一只巨型的蓝鲸模型 - 大约94英尺和21,000磅的玻璃纤维和泡沫。想知道它如何留在那里吗? 我们很感兴趣,我们认为你的孩子也会是这样的。
Arthur Ross Hall of Meteorites
The halls of gems and minerals are closed for renovation , but wandering among the meteorite examples and moon rock displays should satisfy any petrology lovers. You can even touch a 4.5-billion-year-old giant meteorite that dominates the center of the room.
宝石和矿物的大厅已经关闭,有待修缮。但是,漫步于陨石样本和月球岩石展示中,应该会让任何的岩石爱好者感到满意。 你甚至可以触摸一个45亿年前的巨型陨石,它占据了整个房间的中心。
Rose Center for Earth and Space
Taking a walk along the Cosmic Pathway is informative and cool, as is seeing the Neil deGrasse Tyson–narrated Dark Universe.
漫步在宇宙之路上,就像看到尼尔·德克拉斯·泰森(Neil deGrasse Tyson)叙述的黑暗宇宙一样,能让你获得丰富的信息,也会很酷。
Gift Shops
Multiple stores exist for you to pick up some scientific keepsakes; model solar systems and replica dinosaur skulls are just a few of the items for sale.
这里有很多家商店可供你购买一些科学纪念品; 模型太阳系和恐龙头骨的复制品只是出售中的少数物品。
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